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Climbing in the CyberTree with HeartFelt Dolls


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International Congress on Love & Sex w/Robots


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Concerning, RoboCare

By 2022 Japan’s robot…


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=) to See if You've PD


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Virtual Healing, "Wonder Woman" & Peering into the 1st CyberPsych App

Objectifying emotions previously thought hidden from conscious…


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Hands-Free Ping Pong?

Move your ass and the mind follows.

Or is that the other way round?  

Anyway pull up a stool that glows and give this a whirl.

Beats balancing on your hands...…


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Stress Blindness? We've Got the VR Goggles for That

. . .it involves a cellular function of the endothelial cells which make up the blood vessel walls -- when chronically or traumatically exposed to stress hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline -- they become dysfunctional. This dysfunction leads to the walls of the endothelial cells constricting. …


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Virtual Presence: Cybertherapeutic Benefit of Digitally Delighting the Big Three

Technology allowing for "virtual communication" of touch, smell and taste  -- by digitally delighting these senses -- can go a long long way to increasing the sense of presence. It may also provide some important therapeutic…


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Wunderkammer in VR-emotional Evocation Research (Applying Eye Tracking, Unconstrained Gaze & Movement Patterns)

Introducing the Wunderkammer as a VR-emotionally evocative tool for emotion research

(Applying Eye Tracking, Unconstrained Gaze and Movement Pattern)

The “Wunderkammer” is a immersive virtual world suite with different types of…


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VR, Eye-Tracking Foveation & Magic Leap's Digital LightFields to SyncThink

VR-integrated, mobile eye-track device (EyeSync) shows how methods to determine concussive/traumatic injury can enhance learning/education. . .…


Added by Randy Eady on December 20, 2017 at 6:30am — 1 Comment

Virtual Worlds, Disability, and New Cultures of the Embodied Self

People with disabilities have been @ the forefront of technology innovation.

What can their creative uses of and adaptions to online social interaction teach us?

Focusing on the experiences of people w/disabilities in “virtual worlds,” three-dimensional, immersive-VRE (virtual reality…


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Literacy in Digility: Bio-Sensing in Virtual Space & Cybertherapy

At present, spatial sound is rapidly gaining broader recognition as our media are moving towards 3-dimensional representations using virtual reality, augmented reality or 360-video technologies.  The coming-of-age of a creative discipline opening up ways of expressing and communicating with sound that were not possible before.  Sound is being represented spatially ever more accurately with evolving technologies that takes us beyond a mere…


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Visit my blog, Synthetic Daisies

I maintain a blog called Synthetic Daisies at syntheticdaisies.blogspot.com, which I update on a weekly basis and cover a variety of scientific-oriented topics.

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Who can share or recommend research programs for CAVE?

Hi everybody,


Who can share CAVE programs to do psychology-related studies?

I am seeking programs to be used in CAVE. I mean research programs to study perception, emotions, effectiveness of exposure or training, etc.

We have now a fully ready-to-use CAVE system at Moscow U. We have not enough software developers to write applications on our legal VIRTOOLS. We need any sort of research applications - first to teach students, and 2nd to do studies. We are open…


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Tetris Therapy: Game May Ease Traumatic Flashbacks

article from …


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MedlinePlus Now Available for Mobile Phones

The National Library of Medicine's Mobile Medline Plus builds on the NLM's MedlinePlus Internet service, which provides authoritative consumer health information to over 10 million visitors per month. These visitors access MedlinePlus (http://medlineplus.gov) from throughout the United States as well many other countries, and use desktop computers, laptops and even mobile devices to get there.…


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