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Self-powered, Biocompatible/Biodegradable Electro-medicine


"The efficacy of emf stimulation goes beyond just attenuating pain, acceleration in axonal regeneration and target re-innervation in people is now a realization."

~§~A novel (electroactive-conduit) nanocell-device consists of dissolvable galvanic cells of thin-film magnesium (Mg) & iron-manganese alloy (FeMn) electrodes on a SFMS -- Small Fiber Matrix Stimulation -- biodegradable scaffold biomimicking how plants respond to and overcome environmental stressors.

These cultured cells not only stimulate calcium activity & neurite outgrowth of Dorsal Root Ganglia neurons but also promotes the proliferation of Schwann cells and the up-regulation of neurotrophic factors.
Treating transected sciatic nerve injuries has demonstrated accelerated neuro-regeneration & enhanced functional recovery.  Being fully bio-compatible and biodegradable in physiological environments this approach offers effective postoperative electrical therapy (through biodegradable, self-powered, and miniaturized implants) critical for the function recovery of target tissues and organs.
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