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Free, Special Issue of CyberPsychology, Behavior, & Social Networking
New Rochelle, NY, February 11, 2010 - Posttraumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) threatens to overload healthcare and social support systems worldwide as the number of cases rises and existing treatments are not sufficiently effective. New approaches to treatment are relying on technology, such as virtual reality, to alleviate the psychologically damaging effects of PTSD, and these innovative solutions are explored in this free issue. Please click here to retrieve this issue.

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  1. JCR/C&R page – This page highlights the official voice (CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation Magazine (C&R) and official journal (Journal of CyberTherapy & Rehabilitation (JCR) of iACToR. Please feel free to download these issues and submit your next paper to JCR!
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Thank you all and I look forward to shaping our community with your help and valuable input!

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Brenda K. Wiederhold, PhD, MBA, BCIA
Secretary General
International Association of CyberPsychology, Training, & Rehabilitation (iACToR)

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